About Me

Sara and her weapon
Sara and her weapon of choice. Photo Credit: Brad Bretz

Sara Nicholson is a UX/UI designer with a flair for making the most mundane content shine and the most interesting content blow the pants off a unicorn. Whether she’s scribbling on napkins or ‘Sketching’ her way up a UX tree, she is always coming up with ways to make even the most complex sites enjoyable to use.

She’s made lots of clients happy in her past including Hyundai, Chrysler, Subaru, TD Waterhouse, Columbia University, Crunched, Microsoft(Volt) and many more. She is well versed in Agile, having used variously applied versions since 2010.

Recently, Sara has tackled the complex credentialing world. She is currently responsible for delivering high fidelity assets for new features, HTML/CSS (SaSS) coding the UI of those features while working very closely with the developers, and listening to client feedback alongside her IA team leads. She has also provided graphic work for marketing.

Sara has helped make enterprise products from Crunched and ClearSlide (who ultimately bought Crunched) more user-friendly. Using personas to identify typical clients, creating flows, wireframes and finally high fidelity mocks, Sara has made strides in making difficult data discernable by all.

This doesn’t mean she’s not consumer literate. She has worked on car dealer websites for clients such as Hyundai and BMW as well as e-commerce and B2B sites for Dispatch Ninja and Hagen pet foods. She has also designed and coded promotional sites for Maxwell House, Subaru, and Chrysler.

Sara enjoys challenges. In her future, she sees herself leading the charge in making the user the top priority wherever she lands. She will demonstrate her positive determination with her stellar verbal and written skills when dealing with internal and external shareholders.

In her “off” time, Sara is very involved in animal rescue efforts. She drives for a rescue transport group that gets pets out of southern shelters and gets them to rescues up North who can get them adopted quickly. She’s also the Photography Team Lead for Independent Animal Rescue in Durham, NC. You can see her work here: http://www.rescue.photos

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