PimpMyPoker Table Customizer

Pimp My Poker

Pimp My Poker specializes in creating custom poker tables. The goal of the website was to attract new and returning customers by showcasing their work, giving an overview of how to order a table, and selling poker accessories. Being the “new kid” on the block for this niche, they needed something other table makers didn’t have. This spawned the table “customizer”. The customizer is an interactive Flash piece that allows the customer to pick their rail color and fabric, racetrack color and material, playing surface color and material as well as cupholder color. They could then print it out and share it with those involved in the purchase and have it handy when placing their order on the phone.

It was highly successful and spawned a number of imitations.

Role: Designer, Flash Developer
Tools/Software: Adobe Photoshop, Flash, html, css