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  • Excellent visual, spoken and written communication skills
  • Experienced working with remote teams
  • Deep knowledge of design, typography and photography
  • Understanding of how certain designs affect different audience members and how to reach happy mediums
  • Experience:

    UX/UI Designer, Heuristic Solutions, Arlington, VA (March 2015 - Present)
    Responsible for design of complex credentialing application. Provide wireframes, workflows, mockups, prototypes and HTML + CSS coding. Work closely with the development team and the business analysts and also speak with clients about new features and styling needs.

    Product Designer, Aviso, Palo Alto, CA (April 2014 - September 2014)
    Created wireframes, clickable demos and prototypes, high fidelity mock ups and production ready graphics for web application and marketing. Also pitched in with HTML/CSS when needed. Worked with various types of data visualization to make difficult data more understandable.

    User Experience Designer, ClearSlide, San Francisco, CA (July 2013 - April 2014)
    ClearSlide bought Crunched in July, 2013. Provide UX/UI as a member of the product team. Create flows, wireframes, high definition mockups and provide assets for the developers. Work closely with the product team to enhance features.

    User Experience Designer, Crunched, NY, NY (March 2011 - July 2013)
    Oversaw all graphic work for both the front facing web site and applications. Created flows, wireframes and mockups and final graphics for projects. Created user testing plans and performed tests. Worked with the VP of product to filter feedback to fit with business needs and create features for our kick-ass product. Pitched in with html and css coding as needed. Worked in iterations with engineers in an agile setting.

    Freelance Web Design, The Braynard Group (February 2009 – July 2011)
    Responsible for wireframes, look and feel and front-end coding (HTML,CSS) of various political websites. Created hero graphics for political clients. Consulted on other designers’ work to make sure everything was up to standard for web. Managed projects to make sure they were designed and programmed on time and on spec.

    Senior Designer/ Design Integrator, The Cobalt Group, Seattle, WA (June 2009 – June 2010)
    Responsible for designing outward facing web sites for automotive dealers in North America/Canada. Created wireframes, design specifications, prototypes, worked closely with development staff and kept strict documentation of work. Also responsible for creating graphics, layouts and specifications for web-based widgets. Clients include Hyundai, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen.

    Online Community Manager, Microsoft [Volt], Redmond, WA (August 2006 – December 2008)
    Responsible for online content posted on the official Xbox blog (, official Xbox press site and personality page. Recently redesigned skin for Acted as liaison between hardcore Xbox community and PR/Marketing. Assisted in translating PR and marketing materials into digestible information for gamers. Attended industry events and offered coverage for community members in the form of blogs, photos and videos. Vehemently advocated the use of social media. Appeared in magazine articles and advertisements for EGM, and Computer Gaming Monthly. Founded female gaming group Gamerchix which has evolved on to become PopChiX. Appeared on panels and spoke to University classes in regards to gaming communities.

    Senior Web Designer, Columbia University, New York, NY (July 2002 – December 2007)
    Responsible for designing web sites for various internal clients. Made sure all designs met industry standards and remained easy to use. Used provided branding to create general look and feel to carry across several departments within student services, yet maintain their individual feel. Photographed architecture for use throughout departmental sites.

    Senior Web Designer, Etrana, New York, NY (February 2001 – October 2001)

    Responsible for complete design and maintenance of Etrana’s corporate web site. Also responsible for creating client pages on the internal B2B sites.

    Multimedia Director, Chyron Corporation, New York (1/1999 – 3/2001)

    Interocity Development was bought by Chyron Corporation in January 2001. Was promoted to Multimedia Director. Responsibilities included setting standards for creation of multimedia content, communicating with clients, budgeting, creating specs, creating and producing multimedia content for web sites, kiosks, and CD-ROMs. Projects included:

    TDWaterhouse/ Changing Jobs or Retiring CD-ROM Responsible for the full creation of educational CD including design, programming, and management.

    Arts & Entertainment Network Designed, produced, and managed development of banner ads and splash pages for A&E’s Biography series and the original movie presentation of Thin Air; also The History Channel’s History of Basketball and Great American Quiz Show series. Managed and produced several online pieces for including: A Beautiful Mind: (design, flash production, project management)

    Wendy’s: (HTML production, project management, page layout)

    Subaru: (HTML production, project management)

    Designer, Time Inc. New Media, New York (6/1998 – 11/1998)

    Responsible for creating homepage tiles to accompany current entertainment and news stories on Created graphics for breaking news stories for Designed 1998 Emmy Awards section. Education: Bachelor’s Degree, School of Visual Arts, New York (5/1999) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Design.






    Mac OSX






    Various CMSs

    User Testing

    Experienced in Agile

    5 years experience with remote teams

    Many Project Management Tools including Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

    *References available on request